Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Will it rain today?

I need to come up with more creative titles for my posts. That one is a step up from Daily Update, I think.

Anyway, I was a total sloth Monday after the race (How people can do Ironman and get out of bed is a mystery to me). Tuesday I did an easy 4mi and weights. Today was 45 min elliptical and weights. I kinda want to do weights at home, but I've just been reading this book called Never Eat Alone, and he author would probably frown on turning down a chance to work out around/meet other fitness-minded people. Not that that's going to happen because I'm going on 10 years older than pretty much everyone at the gym, but you never know.

It rained all day yesterday (after about 3 weeks of no rain, so we needed it), and it kind of drove me crazy. I'm an active person, and because I have a sedentary job, I neeeeed to mooooove periodically so I don't get cranky. I guess yesterday was good practice for me going into another winter because there are some days when you (okay, I) am unwilling to go outside any more than absolutely necessary.

Work threatened to turn into a giant cluster yesterday, but fortunately that didn't happen. Hopefully today I can focus on one particular project that should be easy and I need to do soon.

I started reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe yesterday with my conversation partner. She's seen the movie, but she seems to really enjoy the book. I forgot what a good story it was.

What else...? This is actually kind of a busy week. I've had something going on every night. Church small group Monday, convo partner yesterday, dinner with some friends who are leaving town tonight, tomorrow we are going to hear Michael Pollan speak, Friday evening is a picnic for a student organization D may join, and Saturday we may or may not go to the UW game depending on how much work D has and if we can actually get tickets.

Hope everyone else is having a good week!