Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who am I? Martha Stewart?

Well, I've never been to prison, and my cookies are not perfectly round with the exact same number of raisins and nuts in each one, so I guess I'm not.

But I did make oatmeal raisin cookies today (and zucchini bread last week, remember?). These cookies were much more fun to make than the zucchini bread because I didn't have to wrestle with the food processor. It has that scary blade so it always wins.

Minor victory: I didn't eat any cookie dough. That's the benefit of baking right after lunch.

I had a productive and restful day yesterday, which is a nice combination. And despite Tim Tebow's brain rattling, the Gator game was good. The Badgers won, too, which makes my co-workers and therefor me happy.

No run today, but I did do the laundry, which is a workout in its own right, and a little bit of circuit-type strength training.

It's raining and is supposed to be chilly tomorrow... boooo. Oh well, fall is coming (I guess technically it's here) so I need to prepare myself mentally.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!