Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun with Mom and Dad

5 points if you know where that picture was taken :).

Today is a rest day, and I'm definitely ready for it even though I took a few days off earlier in the week.

Yesterdays' run was 7mi with 2mi at projected 5k race pace. I felt like I got into a groove that was kind of tough to sustain but I could have pushed myself for one more mile, which is I guess what I'm going for. Anyway, I did the first mile in 8:18 and the second in 8:19 so my conservative goal for the race will be to finish in less than 26 minutes and my "It would be great if" goal will be to finish in less than 25:30.

There are a lot of things I could say about this, but I've decided to enact a new blog commandment, "Thou shalt not complain about thy running on thy blog." So I won't. Those are my goals, and I'll be very happy if I meet/exceed them.

We had a fun day dragging my mom and dad all over Madison yesterday. We saw the farmer's market, did the capital tour, had lunch on State St., sat out on the Union Terrace, walked back by Babcock Ice Cream (and made it in right before the football crowd- whew), and stopped by the garden for tomatoes on the way home. It was about a 5mi walk all together so we were pretty tired and ready to veg out with some college football when we got home.

Today is a relaxed morning- I'll probably run out to Target and Trader Joe's pretty soon- and the zoo and the Arb. in the afternoon. I have my first official youth group meeting tonight from 5pm to 8pm so hopefully that will be fun.