Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lucky 09-09-09

No runs yesterday or today :(. I guess I've had whatever was going around. Kind of a combination of a virus and the fact that I think I'm allergic to my hedge (I put some flower clippings inside). But I'm feeling much much much better today, and I'm planning to get caught up on weight training this afternoon.

Work has been busy, but I'm kind of enjoying my project today. I spent a bunch of time figuring out how to make SAS make pretty (and readable- very important) graphs. This is not always an easy feat because SAS output looks way more 1989 than 2009. It takes a little thinking, but it's more relaxing than frustrating, which I needed today.

Speaking of which, it's 09-09-09. That has to be lucky, right? The radio station we listen to is playing "9" songs all day. I haven't tuned in, and I can't think of that many "9" songs- Revolution No. 9, Love Potion Number 9... that's all I've got- so maybe it's kind of a sporadic thing.

Anyway, I'm excited because my parents are on a plane flying to the Midwest right now. I'm excited to show them around Madison, and I hope they don't get lost trying to find us. Our Garmin GPS AND Google Earth show our apartment in a different place than it actually is (take that, stalkers) so getting here can be a little confusing.

No new pictures lately. I'll have to get some of our UFO (I mean patty pan) squash when we harvest those. Oh! question for the bloggosphere: Do any of you have a food dehydrator you would recommend. We don't want something $$$$$, but I'm thinking we could make squash chips and dried tomatoes with some of our harvest??? Suggestions/ recommendations...

I leave you with this: