Friday, September 4, 2009

Last Long Weekend of the Summer

Whew. Work has been really busy lately, but I know if I actually want anyone to read and post on this thing I need to take the 5 minutes or whatever each morning and actually update it.

I did the elliptical Wednesday and Today and a 5 mile interval run yesterday with 5 x 3min fast.

I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful, and this will probably be the last time D and I get to hang out with out school hanging over his head (although he has to take the GRE again tomorrow morning. Yes, again. Yes, they really do throw out your scores after 5 years. Yes, it is a racket).

We don't have anything major planned, but we'll probably finish off the last two places- Wollershiem Winery and Cave of the Mounds- in our Southern Wisconsin tourist discount book.

Anyone else doing anything exciting for the last weekend of summer (sniff, sniff)?