Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gah! I'm not ready for fall

It decided to get cold last night. Our apartment is cold, my office is cold (the air conditioner is stuck on, but at least I have a space heater in here today), outside is cold. Seriously. The weather channel says it "feels like" 44 and we have a frost advisory for tonight. And it was 70 last weekend! Can't we ease into this???

I did get out and run this morning. 5mi with 4x800. I did the first and third 800s at 8 min/mile pace and the second and fourth at 7:50 min/mile pace. Not great because I was aiming for 7:30 min/mile. Problem is that I had no idea what that was supposed to feel like. I ran fast but not hard so I guess next time I have to go harder so I'm actually struggling at the end, not just wishing I could stop. I will also put the blame on the wind because it was really going.

So how did I give my phone a bath in my purse? I was carrying two plates of cookies into our leader meeting at youth group, and I put my water bottle in my purse so I'd have my hands free. What I didn't think about was that there's a tiny hole in the top of the bottle so air can come in. Well, that means water can also go out, which it did. I didn't figure that out until water was running down my leg. At that point I dumped the contents of my purse all over the floor. So wet + smacking into the floor = demise of the phone.

We did get new phones yesterday, and I have the same number so anyone who reads this who knew I had their number before... I don't any more so if you could e-mail me with it I'd be super appreciative. (Thanks to Jessica who already did). We had our phones for 2.5 years so we were due for an upgrade and got a pretty good rebate offer. Since we don't internet or text with our phones we were able to get a pretty cheap model. The guy was kind of pushy on the extra features but not too bad. The only thing that was a little over the top was trying to persuade us to get a second car charger when we only have one car. Oh well. My ring tone is called Whistling Wizard. That makes it all worthwhile.