Sunday, September 19, 2010

Week in Review - The Lazy Edition

I don't like to think of myself as a lazy person, but every time I give myself the opportunity to be, I prove that I am.  This was pretty much me yesterday afternoon, if you replace the remote with a copy of The Long Ships and the Bud Light with my giant blue water bottle.  I did watch the entire TN-FL game, but we don't use the remote since we do internet TV.

We did our grocery shopping Friday evening to avoid the Badger Game craziness, and, after my long run yesterday I planted myself on the couch and only got up to do two loads of laundry, practice piano, and talk to my parents (darn you, crappy cell phone reception in our apartment).  I rationalized that since I was taking today off working out, I'd feel more like moving around and could save the house cleaning for this afternoon.

 I laid out my yoga clothes so I could get in 45 minutes of yoga before church this morning and then... I slept in until 6:40.   Oops.  I guess that gets added to the procrastination list for this afternoon, also.  It's not going to be fun to have to get up at normal time tomorrow.

But I guess these next two weeks are the weeks to embrace the laziness so I'm recharged for the race on 10-3.  My plan is to take today off, still do strength training Monday and Friday, reduce the mileage during my mid-week runs by 1 mile each (so 7mi instead of 8mi) but still do a speed and tempo run, and do a way reduced long run on Saturday (only 12).  As much my natural inclinations are toward being at rest, I know it's going to feel weird to back down that much.

Here's the recap of last week:

M- Strength training, yoga
T- 8mi with 3 x 2000m at 10k pace (actually done at 8:00 min/mile- that first one is always so slow!, 7:30, and 7:40 min/mile), yoga
W- 8mi easy
R- 8mi with 2x15 min tempo (8:35, and 8:23 min/mile), yoga
F- Strength training, yoga
S- 16mi in 2:31 (9:26 min/mile).  This was my best Arb loop run ever.  I did the two miles with the hills in 9:35 and 9:26, which is about 30 sec/mile faster than I had in the past.  My overall pace would have been faster if I hadn't done the first mile in 10 minutes because it was dark and I had to slow way down to dodge debris that had been knocked out of the trees during the hail storm we had from 3:45- 6am.
S- Just the 45 min yoga DVD, some house cleaning (but no laundry, yay!), and possibly a walk.

The race seems so close and yet so far away.  Look forward to a number of "Ahhhh!  what do you think I should do about X???" posts pertaining to the race coming up.

(Sadly this is the only picture I found when I Googled "Sleeping while doing yoga" that actually seemed to match that description.)