Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 8:Last long run

And the first one where I'll have to use my headlamp.  *Sad*.  It's 53 this morning and it's predicted to be 50 at the start of the race, so I should start getting a good idea of exactly what I want to wear.

Daniel's grandparents are passing through Madison on their vacation, and last night we had dinner downtown at The Old Fashioned.  I ate my allotment of fried food for the year (mmmm.... totally worth it) so that should keep things interesting on my run if being attacked by black walnuts on the bike bath wasn't enough.

They look so innocent, but if you've never seen black walnuts (and I hadn't before I moved to Madison), they are like green baseballs that fall out of the trees at random, smacking into cars and laying on the sidewalk waiting to break your ankle.  Squirrels will stick them in your shoes and bike spokes.

And I'm off... I need to get an early start because we have a full day of capitol touring and farmer's marketing and Babcock Dairy-store-ing to do today.  Last long run... woot!