Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sleepers Awake

Anyone else having a tough time getting up in the mornings now that the sun is rising so much later?  Despite a reasonable bedtime Sunday night, I think yesterday was the hardest it's been to get up in a long time.  I had a later night last night, but the best alarm clock of all- my bladder- motivated me to get up this morning.

Cutest little torture device ever.  At least my wake-up time isn't as early as the person who owns this little guy.

So now begins the first week of taper time.  Actually this week doesn't look any different than a normal week of training.  My weekly runs stay the same: 8mi T-R with speed work today and tempo running on Thursday.  My long run gets cut back to 16 miles which actually seems pretty easy after the 3 20's.  Next week starts the real "taper torture" cutbacks.  I'll still do speed and tempo runs, but the overall mileage will start to come down.

Matt at Kitchen of a Runner recently posted an article that's relevant to all of us who are tapering or about to taper for fall races.  It's nothing really "new" but a timely reminder that more running doesn't equal better performances if it means being overtrained or injured.  I know it will be especially tempting for me during the last week when I'm getting that itchy/antsy feeling (energy?  what's that?) to not tack on a few extra miles during the week.

One question I do have about tapering though is, when do you stop doing strength training before the marathon?  My workouts aren't particularly taxing, but I definitely don't want to strain something or drop a weight on my foot, etc.  Any advice from experienced racers/marathoners/people who like to give advice without having a clue what they are talking about (me!)?