Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring

And I'm glad I swapped my workouts so I ran yesterday and am going to the gym this morning.  I was a little worried I'd still be fatigued after my long run, but I hit my intervals (4x5min fast with 2min recovery) right on pace.  The first one was a little slow- around 7:40 min/mile, but the last four were all in the 7:20-7:30 min/mile range.  This is probably slower than the oracle would predict for me for 800m repeats, but I'm doing them on a regular running path with some minor ups and downs- not a track- which slows me down a bit.

The other excitement is that... drum-roll, please... I got approved (probably extremely reluctantly, lol) to take a second week of vacation time.  One of the perks of working for the university is that we get a lot of vacation time.  One of the non-perks of working for the State of Wisconsin is that we had to take off 8!!! unpaid days in the last fiscal year.  When I got my leave statement for May I realized that I had 3 weeks of vacation (only one of which could be rolled over) and 2 unpaid days I have to take before the end of June.  It's a strange problem to have, but, even though we technically have all this time off, it's always hard to get away.  Especially because of D's school schedule.

I felt guilty asking to take two weeks off in a row, but 1.It's really the best time for us because it lets us extend our vacation (Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point, woot!), and 2. Gives us some down time to prep to have visitors for Memorial Day weekend.  But I got approved.  Work days to vacation countdown: 4!!!!!!

Last night's dinner is probably the last real recipe I'll make before we leave: Asparagus and smoked trout fritatta (see sidebar for recipe):

I did use asparagus, but replaced the smoked trout for the last two slices of prosciutto we had in the fridge.  This was tasty, but not very filling so you don't see pictured the orange and two packets of oatmeal that went with it.  It was also a 2-alarm meal because I set off the smoke detector and then set one of our kitchen towels on fire with the broiler (The pretty one you gave us for Easter, sorry Accessory Fairy).  Sorry, neighbors!

Well, it's about time to go be productive. 4-4-4-4-4-4-4 days to vacation!  Oh yeah, tonight is our second volleyball game.  Wish me luck.  This time I will successfully serve during the game.