Monday, May 3, 2010

Coffee bath

Is not the new spa trend but what I gave myself this morning.  Fortunately it mostly went on my robe so I didn't get burned.  Unfortunately it meant an emergency laundry run.  Back to fortunately, no one else was doing laundry at 5am.

Thanks for all the kind comments about my 20k race report yesterday.  You're right that being able to tough it out even when you feel like this

is an accomplishment in itself.

Oh!  And anonymous commenter who let me know that the 1/2 marathon course does NOT go over Observatory Hill- you made my day!

Yesterday morning was spent doing chores around the house, and in the afternoon we had Love Madison, our church's once-a-year outreach Sunday.  Our group was sent to a non-profit that takes medical supply donations, cleans them up, and either sells them or sends them out to foreign countries and uses the proceeds to support orphanages in other countries.  It's kind of a complicated business model!  Certainly something I'd never considered before.  Anyway, we spent the afternoon cleaning up beds and cribs and IV poles and chairs and walkers and canes and canes and canes and re-organizing them in the warehouse so the group can do a better job with inventory.  I never thought we'd be done but sure enough we finished a 1/2 hour early.  The group seemed very thankful to have the job done, so I'm glad we were able to help.

I also cooked two easy but photogenic meals:

Here's lunch- apricot and prosciutto pizza (see sidebar for recipe)

And dinner- shrimp taco salad

I'm headed to the gym this morning for one more recovery day after the race.  I'm feeling better, but I know it's prudent to take it easy after really hard efforts.  I'll certainly be ready to run again tomorrow.  Have a great Monday, all.