Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like woah

It is rain city around here.  In fact we are under a flash flood warning.  I guess that's good enough reason to schedule the gym for today and running for tomorrow and Saturday when it should *finally* clear up a bit.  I'm reluctant to leave  my warm apartment to go out in the cold and rain either for the gym or for work.  The climate control system for my office is messed up so the air conditioner is still pumping out cold air despite the fact that my thermostat is set to 85 and its 45 degrees outside.  Fortunately someone dug out a space heater for me to snuggle up to during the day.

It just makes me all the happier that I have 2 days until vacation!!!!!!!!

Despite being menaced by 2 geese yesterday, I had a great tempo run.  Maybe it was thinking about how great a new goose down coat would be...  Those babies look awful soft and fuzzy...

My warm-up mile was really slow, but once I started the tempo part, everything fell into place.  I had my Garmin take lap times every 10 minutes of the 40 minute run so I could see how consistent my pace was.  The paces were 8:08 min/mile, 8:12 min/mile (steep incline and 90-degree turn around), 8:06 min/mile, 8:15 min/mile (some traffic issues and a 90-degree turn around right before I finished - should have just kept going).  So while this is at the upper end of my tempo run goal pace range (8:10min/mile average for the 40 min), it was much better than last week.

Last night's dinner was another effort to clean out the kitchen.  Stir fry with the last of the spaghetti and left over chicken I cooked when I made D's BBQ chicken pizza for lunches.  Not super exciting, but it got the job done.  D has his last exam this evening so we will probably go out afterward to celebrate the end of the semester for him.

Have a great Thursday, all.  And if you're in Madison, stay dry!