Friday, May 28, 2010

Around the Great Lakes in 11 Days- Part 2

The crazy thing about Canada is that it's this huge country hanging out right next to ours, and (unlike our neighbor to the south, Mexico) we never really think about it.

Crossing the border was easy, and it was relatively simple to get used to the traffic signs in metric miles.  The drive into Toronto was only painful when we got to the city proper and had to fight normal big city traffic to get to our hotel.

We checked in and visited our first tourist destination: The CN Tower, which is a really really really tall tower.

 It has a glass floor.

Those are Daniel's crazy feet- not mine.  I wasn't getting near that glass floor.  The views from the room with the normal floor were very nice.

The next day we visited The Royal Museum of Ontario and walked through China Town.  Sadly I was a bad photographer and don't have any pictures from those events.

Wednesday started out with a trip to Casa Loma, a huge castle-looking home in the north part of the city.  It's nowhere near a Vanderbilt Mansion, but it is one of the largest turn of the (last) century mega mansions in Canada.  Sadly, the owners were never able to finish the design to specifications or live there for long because they found out it can be a lot harder to hold on to money than to make it.

After Casa Loma came the Bata Shoe Museum.  Yes, shoe museum.  It came highly recommended by a coworker who had visited it while in Toronto for a conference.  (Which is what I said to the border guard when she reacted with surprise when I told her that was what we planned to see in Toronto.)  You know what?  It didn't disappoint.  In fact, I'm not sure how I made it through life up to that point without ever having seen

Napoleon's socks.

Or car shoes from the 60's.  Very cute.

Thursday night we had a special anniversary dinner at a tapas restaurant where we were entertained for about 20 minutes by live flamenco guitar music.  Here's to four years!*

On our last full day in Toronto, we went to the St. Lawrence Market (sorry, no pictures) in the morning, and then drove north to a model pioneer settlement on the edge of town where I took more pictures of a beaver in a field than pretty much anything else on the trip.

The next morning we said our goodbyes to Toronto

and headed to Niagara Falls where our story continues.

* I suppose I owe you some sort of "back in the day" pictures.

Our wedding in 2006.

And some true oldies that I had to scan in from circa 2003.

PS- Thanks to Jamie at Running Diva Mom for tagging me with a Versatile Blogger Award.  I'm totally going to punt on this right now and save my 7 unusual things and passing on the award for later.