Saturday, May 8, 2010

When will it end???

Remember how I said that "Oh, I'll be better prepared for my 1/2 marathon in a month because I'll have nice warm weather for my next few long runs?"


So I get to enjoy this for 14 miles this morning.  I heard yesterday we might even get some flurries.  Awesome.  Will it ever be summer????

On to another non-complaining topic, the dinner party last night was actually a lot of fun.  The friend who hosted the dinner is Chinese and she made tons of delicious dishes- (plus meatballs and salad for the Americans- just in case), and the conversation was good and came easily.  It makes me really really really want to host my own party.  She didn't use space as an excuse (she and her husband have exactly the same size apartment as us plus they have a 2-year-old) so neither can I.  I will use being busy as an excuse for the next few weeks (workdays to vacation countdown: 5!!) but after that, it's party time!

Well, I need to put on my big girl tights and get out there and enjoy May in Wisconsin.  Have a great Saturday, all!