Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in Review- The Wild Goose Chase Edition

Yes, this morning I was chased by a wild goose.  Well, maybe lunged at is a more accurate description, but it was enough to make me wonder how long an angry goose could sustain a 10 minute mile.

Edited to add: Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  Thanks for helping keep the world from descending into chaos!

Without further ado:
U- Rest and yoga
M- Strength training
T- 6mi with 5x hill repeats
W- 6mi easy
R- 7.2mi with 40 min tempo at 8:22 min/mile pace, yoga
F- Strength training
S- 14 mi in 2:15 (9:39 min/mile pace)

Bringing the totals to:
Running: 33.2 mi
Strength training: 2x
Yoga: 2x

Consulting the great oracle that is the McMillan Pace Calculator with my 1/2 marathon goal pace plugged in,

 My long run pace was right on, but my tempo run pace was a little slow.  Part of this was because I got a monster side stitch about 1/2 way through.  Does anyone know what a steady-state run is? 

Yesterday was pretty chill other than running.  I read, napped, and cleaned.  Today has been much more productive.  I have finished two loads of laundry, run 5 miles, eaten breakfast, and put together this lovely blog post for you and it's only 8:38am.

We are planning to do a bunch of work in the garden this morning so stay tuned for tomorrow's post on things natural

and unnatural