Monday, June 30, 2008

Back from the wilderness

Well, I'm back from camping. I was proud of myself for getting up on Saturday and doing a run so I'd hit 40 miles last week. I ended up running back and forth on about a .25mi stretch of road that was relatively flat, but it was only 4.5mi so it wasn't too boring.

Today I did 9.25mi with 2x2mi at 10k pace. I did the first one at an 8:23 average pace and the second was at 8:19 pace so good for me for doing the second one faster. It was really only the last 3ish laps that felt mentally challanging, but I was so close to being done, it wasn't that hard.

The plan for this week is:
M- 9.25 with 2x2mi at 10k pace, lift, yoga
T- 4 mi
W- 6.25 mi
R- 9.5 with 2000/1600/1200/800m (400RI)
F- 2 mi
S- 12 mi
U- Rest

For a total of 43 mi.