Friday, June 27, 2008

Quickly, quickly

Let's see how fast I can recap this morning's run so I can get to and from Target before the guy brings our cedar chest (now refinished) back.

Overall, I did 9.5 in 1:30 with 6x800m (400RI). The breakdown on the 800s is as follows:

1. 0.51mi in 4:01 (7:49 pace)
2. 0.52mi in 4:12 (8:02 pace)
3. 0.52mi in 4:10 (7:55 pace)
4. 0.52mi in 4:05 (7:48 pace)
5. 0.52mi in 4:10 (8:02 pace)
6. 0.52mi in 4:09 (8:02 pace)

I don't know what was going on in my brain when I looked at my lap times, because I thought I was running a lot slower than I did. Really, the hardest part of any track workout is dragging my butt back uphill after it's over. I spent the last 2.5mi of cooldown trying to praise myself for going out and doing the workout and being happy with what I'd done even if I'd been slower than I would have liked to be. So imagine my surprise when I checked the history and was right on target for each repeat! I am very happy, very tired, and I think my butt has freezer burn now from the ice pack.

Tomorrow will be a very easy 4.5mi somewhere around the camp ground. Now I must fly! to Target to get ... haha nope, now I'm staying put because furniture guy will be here in about 30min now. I guess I'll get packed and leave Target for the last minute.