Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reflections on May

May has come and gone. All things considered this has been a big month for me both fitness-wise and life-wise. I'll start with life because it's shorter not because it's less important.

Life changes in May:

--Probably the biggest deal slipped into May on the 30th when D told his manager that he was going to quit his job to go back to school. There hadn't been much question about this in our minds for awhile, but now it's official. I think it's the right decision, but because the decision has been made for so long, it didn't come with the relief making a big decision usually does for me.

--I did some interviews and hopefully have some serious job prosepects in Madison. I guess I'll know for sure in about two weeks.

--I got invited to be one of 6 (or 7) bridesmaids in a high school friend's wedding. She's one who I have to see get married to believe it. I've only met her fiance once, but the general concensus is that he's a pretty good guy so I'm happy for her.

Fitness changes in May:

--My biggest fitness change happened at the very beginning of the month when I finished my second marathon way ahead of what I thought were realistic goal times. I was really really happy and excited. I still am.

--The problem is that I let a lot of things slide during marathon training, and I'm slowly getting back in the groove. I've started lifting weights, spinning, and doing yoga again. I'd like to get in the pool, too. But I know I need to take it slow and not get too excited or else I'll wind up burned out and slow- not what I want.

--I'm trying to lose weight again. Still trying to figure out what will work for me. I really can't count calories becaue it just drives me around the bend, but focusing on getting 5 fruits and vegetables a day seems to work well. It really helps me make good decisions- especially when we eat out. Diet-wise I have had bad days, but I've had a lot of successful days, too, so I just have to keep at it- keep incorporating positive changes.

And reflecting on that, I have new goals for June. These include goals for fitness and life and are in no particular order:
1. Finish 4 angel ornaments
2. Practice the piano 20 times
3. Do 15 pus- ups in a row
4. Go to spinning 6 times
5. Find max heart rate
6. Do cardio fitness test at the running store (if they still offer it)
7. Settle into a 40mpw running schedule

Some of those are quick and easy. Some require some dedication. But I think that none are unrealistic.

Here's to a successful June.