Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's almost like Friday Thursday

I didn't post about my last two runs because they were boring. 4 easy on Tuesday and 6.25 easy on Wednesday. Today was back to the track with 5, 4, 3, 2 laps starting at 10k pace and getting faster. Well, I started slightly slower than 10k pace and stayed there until the last 800m when I sped up just a touch. I definitely wouldn't call it a bad workout, but I've hit all my paces perfectly in the last 3 I've done, and it would have been nice to do it again today. But honestly I knew that having a "slow" day was bound to happen sometime.

The breakdown was:

9.25mi in 1:27:23

2.5ish warm up
1.27 in 10:43 (8.25 pace)
1.02 in 8:33 (8.25 pace)
.75 in 6:20 (8.25 pace) Seem to be seeing a trend here...
.51 in 4:12 (8:10 pace)
2.5ish cool down

I'm planning to go to the gym to lift today, but I think I need to concentrate on upper body. My legs are basically shot. Luckily tomorrow is a very easy day... 2.25 with some elliptical. I think I need it :).