Saturday, July 5, 2008

June in review and plans for July

So this is a few days late, but this year is really flying by!

June was good for getting back into the groove with running and lifting weights. I hit a 40 mile week and I feel like I'm finally getting some development in my arms and shoulders. I think yoga has also been helpful as far as recovering from my workouts and staying free from injury. I ran a 5k in 25:21 and started a full 4-week training plan for my next 5k. Speed training has not been as scary as I thought. I've been able to meet my goals in most cases, and, if not, put forth my best effort and realize that not every day will be my best day. I started back on the No S Diet as far as sweets go (I can have them Fridays and Saturdays but not during the rest of the week) and am committing to eating at home when I'm home by myself and not buying smoothies or other snacks out. I'd like to lean out a bit, and hopefully additional miles + cutting out unnecessary junk will help that happen.

I have two more weeks of the 5k training plan before the next race on the 20th. I hit 43mpw this week and hope to be back in the 40s after this back down week. I'd love to get under 25min in the next 5k and think it's possible if I really push. Last, I'll spend the last two weeks of July starting a 9-week 1/2 marathon training program for the Fox Cities Half on Sept 20. Tonight I'm going to work on putting it into my calendar while D watches his last two episodes of The Tick.

Long term, I wanted to run 8 races in 2008- that looks like maybe one more 5k before Fox Cities and maybe the North Face Endurance Run half in October. That last one would probably be more of a "to finish it" kind of race, but it sounds so hard core. How can I pass it up?