Saturday, July 5, 2008

Plans for this week

This will be a back-off week (35ish miles)- this works with my training schedule but also because we're going to San Francisco this coming weekend.

U- Either rest or elliptical. Probably elliptical because I'm feeling some Cold Stone induced guilt tonight.
M- 2.5mi w/u, 4mi at 10k pace, 2.5mi c/d
T- 4mi
W- 6mi
R- 2.5mi w/u, 5x1k at 5k pace, 2.5 c/d
F- walking around SF
S- 6mi

Hahaha, just kidding... more like
T-6mi with 4mi tempo
W-8mi easy
R-8mi with 5x1k
F-Vacation :)