Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 1/30: So far so good.

Despite the fact that these arrived yesterday, day 1 was a success.

We haven't opened them yet, but the plan is to put some aside for the end of my experiment.  That way I'm not concerned of developing a Girl Scout cookie deficiency over the next year*.

Because this is my first day, I'm including pictures of all my meals.  After today I'm just going to do dinners (sometimes) and possibly my lunch each week.

Breakfast was a variation on what I'd normally eat for breakfast- oatmeal with frozen fruit, almond butter, and protein powder- with the oatmeal replaced by a sweet potato.  Sounds a little strange, but when it's mixed together, it's really not unlike oatmeal.

Lunch was made in a huge batch for the entire week. 1 lb ground beef + 1 bag of stir fry vegetables + 1 acorn squash + 1 bottle Trader Joe's Thai Red Curry sauce = a lot of food.  I like to have a hot lunch- especially this time of year- and I don't mind eating the same thing day after day.  I get variety by changing things up from week to week.

I had an apple and 2 hardboiled eggs for my afternoon snack (you know what those look like).

Dinner was a spinach salad (not pictured, you also know what spinach looks like) with ham and pineapple and roasted butternut squash.

We had friends over last night and served hot chocolate (made with milk) but I avoided temptation by having some dark chocolate chips for desert.

My workout was 8mi with 3x(800,600,400,400).  The first 800 and 600 were slow but most of the rest of the intervals were run in the 7:35-7:45 min/mile range.

Not feeling any different so far, good or bad.

*Like women who get the once-a-year IV treatment for osteoporosis, I need my once-a-year Girl Scout cookie infusion to keep a minimum level of caramel and coconut in my blood stream.  Maybe I'll take Jess's suggestion from yesterday and go on an all-Girl Scout cookie diet next month.  They have a lot of flavors...