Saturday, June 5, 2010

What's up

This is another quick one.  I need to digest just enough so I can head out the door and beat the weather.  It's supposed to rain ALL DAY starting at 8am.  I want to at least get 1/2 way through my run before that happens. I'm hoping for 12 miles, but 10 would be okay, too.

Good luck to Linda from Mom Running From Cancer who is running her first race- The Madison Race for the Cure- since her comeback from a stress fracture!

What's up in EarlyRunner Land?

  • I started piano lessons again with a new teacher, who I think I'm really going to like.  We're working on scales, The Joy of First Classics, and some music theory.  My goal for this fall is to learn to play Christmas Music.  
  • We went to a new restaurant called Cooper's Tavern, which was recommended by a coworker.  The food was tasty, and we enjoyed walking up and down State St. afterward.  Downtown is so nice when there are no undergrads around ;).
  • Since it's going to rain, I'm planning on cooking up a storm this weekend a la Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.  I'm conquering one of my cooking fears- phyllo dough- and making spinach and white bean phyllo roll-ups.          
Well, I guess I better run- literally and figuratively.  Don't want to get (too) soaked.  Have a great Saturday, all.