Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to life, back to reality

Yesterday was my first day of work in more than two weeks.  At first it felt almost strange to go, but I had an easy day in front of me with enough to keep me occupied but not so much I was stressed.  A lot of other people are stressed because of our upcoming oversight committee meeting, but for the most part that doesn't involve me, and it keeps those above me in the chain of command too busy to find too much for me to do.

I'm back to normal workouts, too.  I ran 5 miles easy Monday and did my first strength training workout in 2 weeks yesterday.  I felt like I'd lost some fitness there, but I know it will come back in time.  I mostly focused on upper body since my legs were still pretty sore from the race, but legs are going to be a big priority this summer. I think I mentioned it in my race report, but I tend to get passed a lot running up hills and pass running down them.  This isn't a horrible thing except it's easy to get boxed in on the downhill and not be able to make up time. I want to work on my leg strength so I can power up the hills as well as down them.

Finally, I'm back to cooking and eating healthy food.  I checked out Eat, Drink and Be Vegan from the library after seeing recipes from it featured on a few different blogs (Forgive me; it's 5:34am and I can't remember exactly who it was.) in my ongoing attempt to have us eat vegetables that aren't salad.

Monday night I made the cocoa coconut chili with a side of cornbread, and red leaf salad from our garden (data not shown).

I liked this recipe because I like "sweet" chili.  I didn't get a particularly strong coconut taste, but it definitely had a different flavor than any other chili I've tried.  The recipe also made a vat of chili, and I had enough left over for lunches all this week.

Last night I made pinto bean and avocado enchiladas.  The filling was made with pinto beans, mushrooms, cashews and avocado so I was hoping it would taste a little unique, but honestly it tasted like nondescript "Mexican" filling from all the spices.  Definitely not bad, though.  I would say it was tastier than the chicken enchiladas I normally make, and again, the recipe made a truckload.  All these plus some extra filling.

Here's the innards of one:

Well, it's time for me to get it in gear and run before it rains.  Happy Wednesday!