Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week in Review- The Niagara Edition

We watched the old Marilyn Monroe movie, Niagara, last night.  It was billed as sexy and suspenseful (it was neither), but it was entertaining to figure out what was going to happen next 15 minutes before it happened.  I guess that's what I get for taking movie recommendations from my 70-year-old boss.  

This was a pretty easy week all things considered.  I was recovering from the race and easing back in to strength training after two weeks off.  Here's the breakdown:

M- 5mi easy (untimed)
T- Strength training- easy on the legs
W- 6mi easy (57:40)
R- 6mi easy (56:51), yoga
F- Strength training- incorporating some plyometrics to work on leg strength for hill running
S- 12 mi (1:54:42)- I purposely picked a hilly course and was happy to sustain a 9:33 overall average pace

I'm kind of in a funky place again this week because Saturday I'm running the Bellin 10k in Green Bay with some friends so I'll probably do a speed workout tomorrow or Tuesday but otherwise be back in "mini-taper" mode on Friday.  After that, I start 16 weeks of full-on training for the Lakefront Marathon in October.  Exciting stuff.