Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fording the river

I had to take back all the times I'd complained about fighting traffic to go get Daniel at school because I'd never actually feared being able to get home until last night.  I drove onto campus to pick him up because it had been pouring off and on, and the bus only comes every 45 minutes after 6pm during the summer.  When I was driving over, huge parts of the campus streets were flooded.  At one point cars were taking turns driving on a wide sidewalk to avoid some really deep water.  I got Daniel and said, "Campus is totally flooded.  We should try University."  That was a huge mistake.

That's not University, but it gives you a flavor for what the water was like.  Actually parts of University were deeper, and there were a lot of cars stalled out.  After driving around, looking for a better way to get home, we were forced to turn onto a really flooded street.  We were doing fine until the car in front of us stopped!  It was a Volvo baby SUV/ station wagon thing, so I don't think it stalled out.  The guy just stopped.  To try to turn left?  I don't know.  I honked.  Nothing.  People started going around me on the right where the water was really deep.  We could hear sloshing all around the car.  Finally I was able to get around them.  The car didn't stall and the drive was all uphill from there.  

It was really something.  People were standing around on the streets watching the mayhem.  We saw some people carrying a raft but not actually floating in it.  Anyway, we've had a dry night so hopefully my trip to the gym this morning will be uneventful.

I did end up running yesterday.  My 1mi-2mi-1mi at a little slower than 10k pace were a little slower than I'd have liked (8:12, 8:07, 8:04), but at least I had a negative split despite having to dodge humans, geese, and goose poop during the last interval.

Here's to a dry Tuesday!