Friday, June 11, 2010

Bellin Run Preview

Tomorrow I'm running my last big race before marathon training.  In my mind it marks the end of spring "getting into shape/ shaking off the winter fluff" training period and the summer "this is for real" training period.  I'm riding up to Green Bay tonight with some friends who are also running (well, one is running, and one is looking at a motorcycle in Appleton on the way).  We'll do the race- hopefully not in the rain- the Weather Channel is now indicating thunderstorms just for the afternoon, not all day- and then head back home.  This will be my third "destination race".

I don't have any huge expectations going into the race.  I've heard it's well organized and a lot of fun.  I think it will be provided it isn't pouring.  It's been cooler around here- at least in the mornings- so hopefully the temperature will be kinder than my last two races.  Also, it's a 10k, and even though I haven't done much structured speedwork in the last few weeks, I still think I'm in better shape to do short races than long ones.

Goals???  Hmmmm...
0.5 - Don't forget anything important like shoes or clothes.  Either at home or in GB.
1. Have a fun time.  I think this will be easier to meet because I'm counting the trip up and back as part of the race experience.  So even if the race is a disaster, at least I'll have time to hang out with friends who I haven't seen much lately (and who will be moving to California in a few months :( ).
2. Faster than 50 min.  I think this is a fairly flat course and it's a wave start.  I'd like to see if I can get back in the 40s again.  I feel pretty confident I can hit an 8 min mile for 6 miles.
3. PR, which would be sub 49:30.  Everyone always wants to PR, right?
4. Sub 49:00.  Ambitious, but not totally out of the realm of possibility.

I'll be back, possibly tomorrow afternoon, to let you know how it goes.

I have so many pictures and so many posts swirling around in my mind, but I just need to get them on Blogger.  I had good intentions last night, but honestly I was tired, so I shirked all responsibility by ignoring the laundry, eating at Noodles and Co., and taking a trip to Target with Daniel rather than packing for the trip and practicing piano.

Have a great Friday, all!