Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week in Review- The Delirium Tremens Edition

I'm on day 4 of no Diet Mt. Dew and - probably more significantly- no caffeine after my very early morning cup of coffee.  I think I'm over the hump, which occurred from 11am to 6pm on Friday when I reaallllyyyy wanted a soda, a cup of coffee, some tea, some No Doz, anything to make the "I would go away if only you'd give me a 20oz Dr. Pepper" headache go away.  But it passed, and yesterday was much easier.  Why put myself through this torture?  Because I will probably not have a soda and/or caffeine source during the Mississippi mission trip, and I'd rather go through one afternoon of crabbiness during a boring meeting in the air conditioning than in 100+ degree heat and humidity, surrounded by teenagers, insects, and power tools.

Week in Review
Su - 5mi easy
M - Strength training and yoga
T - 7mi with 2x(3x800) at 10k pace
W - 8.2mi 
R - Strength training
F - 6mi easy
S - 14mi long

Overall mileage: 40.2
2x strength training
1x yoga

I know some of you think that life begins at 100mpw ;), but 40 has always been the marker of real training for me.  Otherwise, I don't have too much to comment on from the past week.  I'm trying to get used to the idea that it's really not bad to go fairly slow on my easy days because it means I'll be recovered so I can go hard on the hard days.  I'm also a little concerned about my long run pace being too slow (about 9:40 min/mile) but it's right in the middle of the long run pace interval on the McMillan Pace Calculator for a 3:50 marathon, so I'm trying to roll with it.  

On that note, it's off to do a very slow, very easy 5mi.  Have a great Sunday, all.