Monday, June 7, 2010

The future is in my hands

in the form of my beautiful new planner.

This is a myAgenda Planner, made by the momAgenda company.  I first saw one of their planners in a little stationary/gift store in Sheboygan.  Unfortunately they only had one planner left, and it was a momAgendga for 2009-2010.  Fortunately, when I Googled them after we got back home, I found that they had non-mom products that had all the features I'd liked about the one in the store.

First of all, it's thick, but not too big lengthxwidth-wise.  The cover feels sturdy, and I don't think the fabric will rip too easily.  There are pages with things I don't care about- like birthstones reminders and a mini address book I know I'll never use- but that is one of the few minor drawbacks.

The planner has both a month view (which I tend to use less frequently)

And a week by week format that I know I will use a lot.

What I love is that it is sectioned off into regions that you can title yourself.  My current planner has good space for writing, but the lines are all done by time, which I basically ignore.  I might get tired of having to write in the categories week to week (which I'm tentatively thinking of having as MIT's- most important tasks of the day, my workout, the meal plan, any chores/errands/appointments scheduled for that day, and other important events- Birthdays etc.), but on the other hand, if my initial system doesn't work, I can revise.

I also like that Saturday and Sunday get a full share of planner space.

And there are two markers- one for the month view and one for the week view.

There's some other questionably useful information and space like a holiday/birthday calendar section.

Notes on restaurants, etc

Some planning sections

And blank pages for random jottings

Sadly this little guy will sit in the kitchen catch-all basket until July 26 when he (She?  It is a sparkly purple planner after all) will be put into action.

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