Friday, March 4, 2011


You'd think- being a statistician and all- that I would have found and explored the stats for my blog before.  However, I have the posting page bookmarked and had never done much exploring in the dashboard section... until yesterday.

The top 4 exciting things I learned about my blog's readership are:

4. The post with the most pageviews of all time features my messy desk drawer and terrible handwriting.

3. In the last month I got traffic unprofessionalrunner, a blog I've never visited.  (Thanks!  I'll have to check your blog out on my lunch break.)

2. In the last month, one person found my blog using the phrase "had to pee the whole time."  (That's the worst!)

1. In the last week, I've had 4 pageviews from the Isle of Man (Looks really beautiful there!)

And speaking of stats, I had some great ones from my tempo run yesterday.  I warmed up with a mile, ran 5mi in 8:21, 8:19, 8:02, 7:59, 7:54, and then cooled down with two more for a total of 8mi in 1:10:27.  It broke my heart to look at my watch at the end of the run because I totally could have finished in less than 1:10 (which would have been an 8mi training run time PR), but I had to walk a little bit in our apartment complex on the way home because there were still a few sidewalk glaciers around.  I was concerned while I was doing this run that it was not going so great.  My legs were tired from lifting on Wednesday, and I overdressed and got really hot in the middle of the run.  In fact, I glanced at my watch at the end of mile 4 and saw the "59" and was afraid I'd run an 8:59, so I was pretty happy and relieved there was a 7 out in front.

It is raining now and is supposed to snow tonight so I have no idea what conditions are going to be like for running tomorrow morning.  I'd love to get in one more long (at least double digit) training run before my 10k next weekend, but we'll see if Mother Nature cooperates.

Happy Friday!