Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Raise your hand if you are still having a hard time adjusting to the time change.  Every part of me from my brain down feels tired.  This week at work has been super busy getting ready to send out materials for a big meeting we have in the beginning of April, and I've been busy the last two evenings* so as soon as I get home it's time to turn around and do it all over again.  We have a furlough day on Friday, which means one less day to get everything done at work, but man, I could really use an extra day of sleep past 4:30am.

But- there have been good things going on outside of work.  Yesterday we had an impromptu dinner out at Hubbard to celebrate Daniel being offered a summer intern position at the Google office in Madison, and - as it turned out- Pi Day.  Hubbard makes delicious pies and the restaurant was slammed because they were offering a special $3.14/slice price.  We had to take our slices (one key lime, one mint Oreo) to go because we were late to a meeting, but I can confirm that my half of the mint Oreo slice was delicious even a day later (and I'm sure key lime will be the same way tonight).

My motivation to exercise has been low since the race.  I ended up taking Monday completely off except for some stretching, but yesterday I had a good upper body lifting workout despite feeling like I was going to fall asleep on my feet.**  I rocked the assisted pull-up machine, working up to a set of a few with only 10lbs offset, so I think I'm ready to start doing some less than full range pull-ups on the regular bar.  I rearranged my lifting schedule for the next few weeks, and I need to update that on my weight training page.  This morning I'm going to go out in the dark again (why did we have to go back on DST so early????????????) for an easy run of undetermined length.

I want to start posting about cooking again- we've made some good stuff out last month's Real Simple- and about the fun spring clothes I bought last weekend (thanks, Mom and Mom M.), but I only have so much brain power and it seems my body is hording it for use between 8 and 5.  

*Ugh- it took my almost an hour to get home yesterday because the bus is on recess schedule for spring break and I missed the last one before it went on the every 45 min schedule after my piano lesson and I had to walk all the way home from the music building.  Bascom hill 2x in one week is at least 1x too many.

**or on the reverse fly machine, which I actually saw someone do once