Friday, March 18, 2011


It's the weekend.  I'm still sleepy and have been kind of a bum all day.  I did rally a bit on Thursday morning-  when I stared writing this post yesterday the "whew" was about how much better I felt after a good night's sleep- but it was still a drag to get up at normal time this morning to squeeze in a long run first thing.

Don't want to be like this guy- even if he's lucky
enough to be at the beach.
The good news is that the run went well.  It wasn't freezing, and I didn't fear being blown away by crazy March wind.
We are finally starting to see signs of spring.  A lot of the snow has melted, and the birds are back, including the surly geese.  I already saw one go after a woman on the bike path yesterday.  This was only my second double digit run of 2011 (I think) but I felt strong the whole way.  I tried running 10 minutes easy then 20 minutes harder and finished in 1:50 - a little slower than I would have liked, but I guess I'm still recovering from the DST and last week's race combo.

One last thing- I wanted to give some food link love to last month's Real Simple (which has recipes from the magazine online here).  Whatever you want to say about the rest of the magazine, the recipes are almost always truly simple and tasty.  Last month the feature was my favorite "I don't want anything but taking off my shoes to stand between me and eating dinner when I get home" appliance: the slow cooker.  One "bad" thing about many slow cooker recipes is that you actually have to cook everything before you slow cook it.  This probably makes things taste better, but it often defeats the purpose.  Both recipes we tried out (plus the others in the issue) were assemble + on.  Now I'm laughing because true to the "feed me now" nature of these dishes, I only got a picture of one before it was devoured; however, I assure you the chipole beef tacos (which we actually made with the other 1/2 of the pork roast we bought for the stir fry dish) were taste tested and approved.

Asian pork with snow peas, red peppers, and soba noodles: