Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring cleaning

Good thing I started this post on Sunday when it wasn't dropping buckets of snow.  Otherwise I would have titled it perpetual winter cleaning. 

We have entered this long winter/spring season where it's not sooo cold that you can only wear your warmest clothing, but it's not warm enough to put the sweaters away for good.  I don't have a huge amount of closest space, so in the past I've put my off season clothes in Tupperware bins under the bed.  But then I spend all "sprwinter" digging things out because of a cold or warm day.  So I decided it was time to get everything out from under the bed and into the closet or my dresser for good.  And because space is so limited, I needed to do some serious thinking about what I should keep and what could be sold or donated.

Before- winter style.  Scarves, hoodies, everything all crammed together. 

Everything laid out for consideration.  Winter stuff on the bed; spring stuff in the bins.

Blank canvas.  Kind of reminds you of a dorm room closet, no?

The finished product.  I hung up all my summer dresses with my dress pants (right).  Camisoles, sweaters (by color) and purses in the middle, and tops and light jackets on the left.  Shoes on the bottom.

Pants, shorts and hangout sweatshirts were moved to a drawer.  Yes, my side of the bed is kind of a deathtrap.

Warm weather/ gym workout clothes were consolidated to one drawer.

And this was one of the biggest differences.  PJs, hang out t-shirts and socks went in one drawer.  That meant parting with a lot of random race t-shirts.  I wear technical tops from races (as long as they aren't too big), but I rarely ever wear the t-shirts.  Goodbye!

Cold weather running clothes.  They get their own drawer, too.

I also tried to make better use of our hall closet.  I hung up my scarves in there so I could actually see them, rather than have them crammed in between items in our bedroom closet.

The "try to resell" piles.  I made about $75 last fall reselling some clothes that I really didn't wear, so I'm going to try my luck again.  Goodbye blue petite length pants.  Why did I buy you and wear you for 2.5 years?  You were way too short.

And the donate pile.  Goodbye Tevas from my freshman year of college.  You have been wet so many times, your bands give me hot spots when I wear you.

It really is nice to be able to see all my clothes all at once.  For one, it dispelled any notions that I didn't have much to wear.  

Second, I'm planning to hit up a big sale at ATL on Saturday (30% off everything plus I have a gift card from Christmas), and it gave me some idea of what I might really need.  I'm good on tops, but I actually only have two pairs of non-jean summer weight pants, so I'm thinking these guys look pretty versatile.  Another possibility is some new capri pants.  I have two pairs that I really like and have worn forever, but I bought them when I was about 10lbs heavier so while they technically fit, I really put the drawstring to work.  Depending on prices, etc. I'd like to try to find at least one whole outfit- maybe with a top with long sleeves that is not a solid colored sweater?  I'm never very good at putting things together, and I end up being the queen of solids.  

I'll definitely have show and tell when I get back.  For now it's time for yet another snowy trudge out to the bus and a spin on the treadmill.