Friday, April 10, 2009

Run envy

I feel like all my internet "friends" are gearing up to do big spring races, and I have to admit, I'm jealous. I wish I were in shape to do a marathon soon, but at least it's inspiration for me to get out there are do my long runs.

Running, lifting, etc. has been good lately, and I nailed a 184-ave-watt spin class yesterday. Now I have to try to break 200 ave watts- not very likely, haha. I hit a second 8-miler on Wednesday with 12x1min sprints and also lifted yesterday morning before spinning.

It's funny because this time last year I was knocking out double digit runs with no trouble at all. This year I've been doing a great job with interval training, but my endurance is totally gone. If only I could be good at doing both at once... then I'd be unstoppable... right...

Today is nice and easy- just biking to work and walking home. I think the bike has a flat tire. Add it to the list... the screw that holds the seat in place (and about 2 inches too high) is stripped, and we have to get someone to replace it so the seat can go down and my feet can touch the ground. I love the flexibility of riding the bike to work and the gym in the morning, but my "cheap" bike is starting to get expensive.

Last, I'm thinking about moving the blog either to the Runner's World blog site or to Wordpress. RW would be nice because I think I'd get more readers that way, but I like the tabs on Wordpress, and it seems like it would be easy(er) to make a pretty header. The thing I like least about Blogger is that my blog is so plain. I try to add a little picture, but that's kind of lame. Anyway, if I ever get it together and move it, I'll put up a link from this one that will send you to the right place.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be up early trying a new route for 14 miles.