Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I went for my first ART appointment yesterday. It was pretty interesting. It's kind of like a massage except way more intense and involves lengthening the muscle being worked on.

The "diagnosis" was that my hamstring, hip, and low back are all really tight and pulling on each other, which makes my whole right side hurt. Sounds about right. She did ask if I'd ever been formally diagnosed with scoliosis because the right side of my back is so overdeveloped (I haven't- No MD has ever thought there was reason to do the X-rays), and because I said no, she said we'd work on getting some of the tightness out of that area. I also got a new pair of shoes in case that was contributing to the problem.

Like I said before, the actual "treatment" is intense. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and she actually stopped to ask me if I was okay once because I wasn't complaining that it hurt. Yesterday evening I was pretty sore, but this morning I felt a lot better. My back is bugging me a little bit, but my IT band feels much more relaxed. I'm supposed to try running again tomorrow and report back on how everything was doing. I'm excited to run again, and I hope I'm in shape to run my 10k on Saturday.

Today's workout was actually really good. I've had great power output during my last few spinning classes, and today I hit a major average watts PR of 197. I'm thrilled to get them so high, but I was disappointed to miss breaking 200 by such a tiny bit. I also lifted weights before spinning and did some push-ups and abs before I left the apartment this morning.

Looking forward to my shows tonight. I'm turning into a major TV-holic.