Monday, April 6, 2009

No more snow!

I was thrilled to wake up to find that it wasn't snowing today. We had just a little bit yesterday, but it looks like all the snow and rain they'd been predicting for this week is not coming our way any more. That can always change, but I've got my fingers crossed that yesterday was the last of the "real snow" until next fall.

My long run last Saturday was definitely better than the week before. I finished 12 miles in a little under 1:50. Not exactly where I'd like to be, but pretty good all the same. As soon as I was done running, I inhaled breakfast and hauled it down to our apartment's community garden for the opening work day. We didn't actually get to see our garden plot, but we did help move a giant pile of weeds. Needless to say, 2 hours of running + 2 hours of pitchforking = a tired, hungry Chelsea.

Sunday was an easy day. I did 5mi on the treadmill in between loads of laundry. Got it all done before Ultimate Grandpa came down to do his.

This morning I was still a bit tired from Saturday, but I did remarkably well on my progressive tempo run. For this run, I do 15 minutes of warm up, 15 minutes at tempo pace, and 15 minutes at 10k pace. It was super windy so my paces were slightly off- 8:30 min/mile tempo and 8:14 min/mile 10k- but if felt tough. I finished up with an easy lap around the big field for a total of 8.2 miles.

Otherwise I'm enjoying the sunshine even though I'm stuck inside. I'm planning to walk home unless it's really windy and cold and do some yoga when I get there. I've been loving the Rodney Yee Power Yoga Flexibility DVD I bought several years ago. I hadn't used it much before because I remember it being hard to follow. Well, I'm not sure what I was thinking. It's a great strength and flexibility workout that only takes 25-min.