Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just had to share

I'm taking some time off running- that's the topic of this afternoon's post- but I wanted to do some research to make sure what I'm feeling is muscular and not possibly a stress fracture in my pelvis. Anyway, here's the description of symptoms of a pelvic stress fracture from The American Journal of Sports Medicine. It sounds- well- pretty awful:

We suggest that a diagnosis of pelvic stress fracture or stress fracture syndrome can be made with confi dence, even in the absence of radiographic evidence, if the following three features are present in a long dis tance runner presenting with groin pain: First, activity causes such severe discomfort in the groin that running is impossible. Second, the athlete develops discomfort in the groin when standing unsupported on the leg corresponding to the injured side (positive standing test). In some cases the pain is so severe that standing on one leg is impossible. Third, deep palpation reveals extreme, exquisite nauseating tenderness localized to the pubic ramus and not to the overlying soft tissues.

Fortunately I'm not experiencing any "exquisite nauseating tenderness" so I think it's safe to say I'm just dealing with some soft tissue stuff.