Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to everyone who is serving and who has served in our armed forces. This is the most free country in the world, and we owe a large debt to the men and women who have made that possible. Most just give the gifts of talent and time- letting the US military control their lives for a few years- but many give the gift of their lives. I guess by definition you can't be a vet and have been killed in war, but it seems appropriate to honor all of our service men and women today: both those who lived to be vets and those who didn't.

Today is also the 6th anniversary of "coupledom" for D. and I. I didn't plan anything special, but I think it's an important milestone to recognize at least verbally.

7mi with 4x800 at 6.6, and 3x6.7
As a side note: I'm trying a new experiment where I use a perceived exertion scale to pick paces when I do intervals on the treadmill (because I'm much slower on it than I am outside). So I tried to hit these intervals at a 7/10. I'm thinking 400s can be done at 8/10 and tempo at 6/10. Then, like I've been doing in spinning, I can adjust what my "7" is as I get faster. I'm actually hoping that I have a treadmill "epiphany" soon where I can run at my normal outside paces without it being soooo hard.

2 sets stairs
Walk on treadmill (it's nasty outside)???