Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Surveying the Literature

I haven’t posted in a few days, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about it. I’ve been spending a lot of time checking out other health and fitness blogs, trying to come up with a list of “required reading.” I wanted to get a mix of “sciency” and motivational, and I think I’m accomplishing that. The problem with exploring blogs is that they link to other blogs, and I have about 100 pages bookmarked as “Oh that’s neat!” that I want to come back and explore.

However, here are a few that I really enjoyed reading and seem to come up over and over again as I explore the world of health and fitness blogging.

1.Modern Forager- Definitely sciency. He seems to be a major figure in the paleo/Crossfit world of nutrition, but he has a lot of interesting posts about the “smaller side” of dieting- ie. vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

2.Mark’s Daily Apple- About an 8 on the sciency scale. His angle is primal rather than paleo fitness. Don’t ask me the difference, but you can read about it on his website. Lots of great tips on cutting back on grains.

3.Life Remix- Basically 100% motivational. This is actually a collection of blogs that focus on personal development topics- many of them health and fitness related. Probably my favorite is The Simple Dollar. On the outside this blog seems to have nothing to do with fitness, but I’d argue that many good financial habits can be extended to personal health and fitness.

4.Caustic Musings- Motivation with info, but not too sciency. She’s a young married woman with a demanding job who still puts in the hard work to have a great bod. The best feature of Caustic Musings is that she’s tried a lot of different diet and exercise programs, and has presented her results and feelings about each of them. Want to know what’s it’s like to do Body For Life? P90X? Red Carpet Ready? Turbulence Training? It’s all there.

5.MizFit- Definitely motivational. She proves that it is possible to be a working mom with awesome biceps. Lot’s of good advice for being a super fit normal person.

6.MarathonMe- Motivational- This guy runs a marathon every month. Wow. He’s in the mix because blogs 1-5 are fairly anti-cardio. I love to run and bike, and I’m amazed at what he can do.

7.Get out there and run already- Another very motivational running blog. She’s another working mom who just happens to train hard and be really fast.

8.The Great Fitness Experiment- Looks like a mix of science and motivation. I honestly haven’t had the opportunity to read much on the site, but it seems like she tackles a lot of body image issues as well as health and fitness.

M- Spinning
T- Easy 6mi run
W- Spinning
Tomrorow- Turkey Trot 10k