Sunday, July 31, 2011

One year

It's not often that I can remember almost exactly what I was doing about the same time a year before, but this year- like last year- I spent most of yesterday at the Sugar Maple Music Festival.

Yesterday morning while I was running, I started thinking about all the similarities and differences between this year and last.

  • Last year I was training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon and I started the morning with a 20 mile run.  
  • This year I slept in and was glad I didn't have to run 20 miles because it was hot.

  • Last year I didn't do much strength training
  • This year- Tuesday, in fact- I'm planning to try for a new 1-rep max on the bench press (115lbs.  That's a 35lb plate on each side. Light weight, baby!) and did 3 sets of 2 reps at 150lbs on the deadlift last Thursday.

  • Last year I spent most of the day reading a murder mystery (A Carrion Death by Michael Stanley)
  • This year I spent most of the day reading a murder mystery (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).  Both are great books but certainly very different.

  • Last year Daniel didn't have a beard!  Wow, I forgot what that looked like!
  • This year he has been fully integrated into society.

  • Last year, after the 20 mile run and the music festival, we went to see a friend's band play a late night show.  I was like deliriously tired in that picture.  And I'd planned to do a 5-mile recovery run the next morning.  That didn't happen.
  • This year we got that out of the way the week before.  I'm also not doing a 5-mile run this year, but I am planning to hit up a yoga class in the afternoon.

  • Last year we went to a wedding the day after.  Wow, that was a lot of stuff in one weekend.
  • This year we still see almost all the people in this picture on a regular basis.  And one- second from left- is due with her first baby in October!  

It just doesn't seem that long ago!

What has stayed constant in your life since last year?  What has changed?  What do you think this time next year will bring?