Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hipster Saturday

It all started with a trip to Art Fair on the Square...

We, and 75% of the rest of the local population, converged on the capitol at 9:30am to see some art before it got too hot (Read: 85 degrees- That's weak, people!).   Fortunately it wasn't too hard to see because at least half the people there had to hit up the food tents for a breakfast beer and ice cream cone with a side of Hot, Spicy Cheese Bread! before they were ready to shop.  Our mission was to find an appropriate gift for two certain someones who are having an eventful summer.

We made our way through the exhibits, trying to decide.  99.5% of things were automatically eliminated for costing more than 1/2 our monthly rent.  I was a fan of the giant metal yard giraffe, but after further discussion, we thought that TSA regulations wouldn't allow it to be carried on and stowed in an overhead compartment.  We also considered a painting of SNOW with one little tiny brown leafless tree.  (It's coming for you, A! - No, not really.  I bet you'll learn to love snow in DC because it means you get to sleep in for a few more hours until the plow comes by).  In the end we did find what I hope will be a fun gift.  However, it must remain a secret for now.

On the final stretch, we stopped at the busiest vendor we'd seen so far.  Kitchen ceramics + ironic stamps + nothing more than $100 = hipster bait.  It worked on me.

Do I need a spoon rest with a whale on it?  How could I not?

And what is the most appropriate first use of a hipster whale spoon rest?  Attempting to make homemade ice cream in the food process, of course.  Inspired by this recipe at cooking with TJ's and a huge bag of cherries in the fridge, I set out to make my own Cherry Garcia froyo.

Pitted cherries go in the freezer.

Then they get thrown in the food processor with Greek yogurt and sugar.  After pureeing everything, I stirred in some chocolate chips and poured it into a container to stash in the freezer for a couple hours.

Dinner is served:

So what?  I had a salad, too.  It was pretty good!  Not Babcock Hall, but so what?

Daniel's contribution to Hipster Saturday was to watch the entire Ken Burns Civil War Series on Netflix (also he helped me pit the cherries).

And now to start Hipster Sunday with a bike ride to church...  In the spirit of national reconciliation, I hope all the  Northerners are stocking up on their vitamin D and the Southerners are enjoying their central AC!