Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. I got my hair cut yesterday (by Gen at ChaCha on Willy St. if anyone wants to know).  It's really short in the back now-  not so much the front- and I love it!  You can see it in the reflection in the mirror.  It's really hard to take a picture of the back of your own head.

2. I had another lovely evening at Concerts on the Square Wednesday evening with the stat group at work.  Lots of food and good company.  One of our fellows is moving on in a couple weeks, so it was one of the last times we'll all get to hang out together.  She would be very unhappy if her face ended up on the internet, though, so we'll pretend that R.A. Fisher joined us.  That's appropriate, I think.

I has mad Paint skillz.
 For my part, I made fruit salsa and cinnamon chips based on this recipe I found on Pinterest.  I actually used soft corn tortillas for the chips because that's what we had on hand.  Mmmmm... Summertastic.

3. The Brooks shoe fairy sent me a new pair of shoes to wear test.  This was perfect timing because I'm about 450 miles into my last pair, and it was about time for some new ones.  Thanks, Brooks!

4. I accidentally left two Mt. Dews in the freezer yesterday and they exploded.  I didn't even mean to put them in the freezer.  I was just going to stick them in the fridge, but when I came home to defrost something for dinner, my fridge looked like Slimer came for a visit.

Why you want to treat me so bad???  Don't you know I love you?
5. Our CSA box is filled with all kinds of exciting vegetables this week.

We've got beets, carrots, 2 kohlrabi, some fennel, and only two heads of lettuce.  I can't believe I'm finally saying this, but after eating a salad every day at work and often on the weekend for lunch for the past year(?) maybe longer, I think I'm officially sick of salad.  Too bad I have no idea what else to take/make for lunch!  I know a lot of people do leftovers, but anytime I make anything that's actually good for dinner, we always finish it up and don't have leftovers.  I only take leftovers for lunch when the dish was kind of gross.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to trying everything in the box except that I'm slightly nervous about the beets.  I don't know if I like beets (def. hate pickled beets like on a salad bar), so I think I'm going to cook those and take them to a potluck we're going to on Sunday evening.

And with that I've got to take off so I can beat the 19-year-olds taking calc 2 in summer school to the squat rack at the gym.  Happy Friday!  Got any big weekend plans??