Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

As far as I can tell it has been raining all day today. I really need to do laundry this evening so I guess I'll find out if the basement has flooded.

My calorie tracking experiment yesterday was enlightening. By the end of the day I'd eaten about 2200 calories, which I think was perfect for my weight loss goal. I was kind of hungry when I went to bed, but never "really hungry" during the day. My body seemed like it was telling me it would have liked to have a few hundred more calories- not a lot more, maybe just a handfull or so of raisins- which is right where I want to be.

Today looks like I'm on track to hit about 2100. I had a hard spinning workout this morning, but I decided I'm going to do a free yoga download after work rather than lifting weights. My lifting partner wasn't there this morning, and I was pretty tired and unmotivated after spinning, so I decided to ditch it. I guess I could go back to the gym after work, but I'm afraid it is going to be crowded (only 3 more days until spring break). Plus the laundry thing.

My excuse muscle is in good shape as always, huh?

So it looks like the summary for today will be:

Workout: 60 min spinning, yoga

Challenge: 2 veg so far (spinach and carrots) plus veggies in pasta tonight, and no sweets. Our hosts at Bible study provided cheese and crackers for a snack, which was much easier for me to avoid than something chocolaty. And it was a good experience to see that no one will notice or be offended if I don't take a snack.