Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making little changes

Part of my goal for writing down what I'm eating is to see where it would be easy to make lower calorie changes and substitutions. The first of these came to me this morning as I was leaving the gym.

A big part of the reason I don't usually have salads for lunch is because I like to eat something hot. But... and this is where the rocket surgery comes in... salads- at least parts of them- can be hot. So rather than having cooked veggies with rice, I can cook the veggies, nuke them at work, and have them hot with salad. I also like to have something bread-y with lunch, but even if I swapped the rice for salad and a pita with hummus, I'd be coming out like 150 calories ahead. And I'd be eating a larger volume of food.

So this will be my first major food change when I get back from our trip. The hard part will, of course, be not eating those 150 calories later in the day, but because I'm tracking everything, I can try to keep it in check.

Workout: 40min spin and full body weights today. Pilates after work. Tomorrow is my rest day, but I'm actually feeling pretty good- not dead like I have been the last few Thursdays.

Challenge: I'm 1 veggie down, 2 to go, but I plan to eat our dinner veggies on top of (gasp!) salad with a pita rather than with rice or pasta to get those last two in. No sweets. I had a slight craving for some chocolate after work, but nothing a piece of gum couldn't handle.