Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crap Free Challange

In the spirit of all the challenges going around the internet right now- the Yoga Challenge, and the March Booty Buster Challenge -for example, I thought I'd like to try my own challenge.

At first I thought I had a creative idea, but I quickly realized there were plenty of people out there with the same goal (and their name is so much better than what I was going to call it): The Crap Free Challenge.

It's wonderfully simple in that you get to decide what crap needs to be removed from your diet (ahem, Girl Scout Cookies), and then you challenge yourself to actually remove said crap. I've read a few challenge lists, but most of them were pretty long and complicated. For mine, I'm going to stick with a No-S approach and pick my 3 biggest vices to start with. Honestly, my big 3 aren't so much about eliminating things as making it a goal to incorporate three new healthy habits.

So my BIG THREE are:

No sweets except ice cream on Saturday. I don't think this will be too hard except when we have our Bible study on Monday nights when there are always goodies. But luckily no one there is a pusher or will even notice if I don't take anything.

Eat three servings of three different kinds of vegetable every day. Even on the weekends. I have no problem getting in enough fruit. Veggies- and especially variety in veggies- not so much.

Blog every day about my workout and how the challenge is going. Sometimes I feel like I can't blog if I have nothing interesting to write about. But I shouldn't worry about that. (Did I just hear a collective sigh of boredom from all three people who actually read this thing?) Reinforcing the habit of posting is more important than what I actually post.

So why am I doing this??? I realized last night (as I was watching My Name is Earl, eating 1/2 a sleeve of Thin Mints) that I've developed an "I don't give a crap" (just going with the theme, people...) attitude this winter or maybe even as far back as the move. And I do care. And I do know I feel better when I eat more healthfully. And I know it takes mindfulness and practice.

With that in mind, here's the stats for today:

Workout: Upper body weights and 45 min spin class


No sweets so far.

I had a large serving of leftover Tikka Masala for lunch, which I'm counting as two servings of two different kinds of vegetables (there was cauliflower, zucchini, and carrots in the mix). That leaves one more serving for dinner- either a salad or veggies in pasta, depending on what I decide to make.

I don't feel super awesome right now. I have a bit of a cough and some fatigue that may or may not be related to 1.impending illness 2.the crazy weather 3.PMS (sorry, TMI) so I'm not supremely motivated to make an involved dinner (although I have made two really good dinners this week, I should get back to that...). But I refuse to go out tonight. I've made dinner every night since last Saturday, and I'm not breaking my streak until tomorrow, the designated night out.

Okay... enough blathering. Time to go home!