Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flipping things around

Today was the first day of my experiment with moving my Tuesday and Thursday morning runs to the afternoons. I have a few reasons for doing this:

1. I don't have to worry about waking D up with the treadmill

2. I'm more motivated to work out in the morning and much less after work so putting the workout I'm more inclined to skip (lifting) in the morning and the workout I know I won't skip (running) in the afternoon

3. The gym is much less crowded in the morning

4. In theory I'll run better because my muscles are warm

5. I have a compelling reason to watch What Not To Wear every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

It worked about 80% well today. The gym was empty and I felt motivated to lift. Running went pretty quick with What Not to Wear on. The only thing that wasn't great was I had some stomach cramping during the run. I'm still kind of tweaking what I eat during the day so I'm not starving at 3pm and don't eat so much I give myself a stomach ache when I run. Once I get that down, I think this will be a good system. I'm hoping I'll switch back when the weather gets better, and I'm less concerned about coming up with excuses to skip lifting.

Lift 45min
2 sets stairs
Run 6mi