Sunday, January 11, 2009

Breaking up is hard to do

I think that running and I need to take some time apart. We've been on for the last 2.5 years, and we've had some great times, but honestly, I'm just not that into it right now. I still want to be friends-you know, run 3 or so times a week so I don't forget how to do it- but I want to be free to date other activities. I know part of it is the weather, but part of it is a need for a change. I want to concentrate on general fitness, especially improving my swimming and strength, and not have to worry so much about running X miles this week.

Problem is I feel bad dumping running- or pushing it to the back burner- after all we've been through. 2008 was a great year for running and me. I PRed at every race distance. Running called me crying last night and asked me how I could give all that up. It wants to know what cycling has done for me that it hasn't. It tells me that it knows me better than I do, and reminds me that I don't really like weight training. But it's not forever. I have the whole rest of my life to run. And something tells me that come March when I'm not worried about ice storms and below zero temperatures or slipping on ice and breaking a bone (the Wisconsin badge of honor), running will seem a lot more appealing again. But until then, we need some time apart.

Comments? Suggestions? Ever felt like this before? How did you get through it?