Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Thanks to everyone who responded here and elsewhere with kind words about wanting to back off from running. D even said he thought my "Breaking up with Running" post was funny. I dare him to post a comment next time. Comments make you a real blogger. Anyway, it's also been nice to read about others like Matt who also hate the dreadmill and think it's harder than running outside but show that it is possible to suck it up and get in a good workout.

As an aside, I think 28 degrees sounds downright tropical right now. I pretty sure we're hovering somewhere around 2 with who knows what windchill (and guess who is going to end up shoveling again) and the high for the air temp for tomorrow is below zero. And I'm going to survive at least 3 more of these winters? Eeek.

Anyway, I found a treadmill workout that should keep me occupied provided I'm not dying of DOMS tomorrow now that I've started lifting weights again. It looks challenging, but it's short, and part of the deal I made with myself as far as this running break-up thing goes is that stopping after 4 or 5 miles is a-okay.

Also, I'm picking up a bike trainer this evening (borrowing from the tri-club), and some kind of at-home bike extravaganza is on the agenda for Friday.

Double also! I should look into picking a triathlon for this summer if I'm really serious about doing one. I wonder how many have the swim portion in pools. That whole wetsuit, swim in a lake thing is not my idea of a good time. Can anyone recommend a sprint triathlon in the Madison area?