Monday, June 13, 2011

Why yes you can

1. Make classy "grown up" nachos in a cake pan in then oven (idea courtesy of, Eat, drink, AND run).

I was sort of afraid that they'd turn into chip cinders coated with cheese dust, but no.  They turned out pleasantly crunchy and melty, and made a mean taco salad*.

No more microwave nachos at our house!

2. Make a giant chocolate chip cookie in the crock pot.

I actually tried doing this once before, but I rushed the cooking process (the recipe calls for 3 hours in the crockpot plus cooling time), and ended up with a chocolate chip cinder block with a molten lava core.  We ate the lava and tossed the outside.  This was the time I learned that it is advisable to only include the amount of chocolate chips called for in the recipe rather than the whole bag even if there's "not that many more".

I wanted to try it once more on a weekend when I had the time to let it cook all the way through.  Sadly, this didn't turn out to be quite a winner either.  The best thing that could be said for this guy was that it was a giant chocolate chip cookie.  Buuuuutttttt... it was kind of dry and not really very sweet.  It was more like a "healthified" chocolate chip muffin.  This might have been my fault because I left it on the "keep warm" setting for a little while while we were out rather than taking it out immediately after it was cooked.  I put a slice in a bowl, topped it with milk, and mashed it up, which was pretty good, but meh, I don't think I'd try this again.  It's not like it saves a lot of time.  I really only did it for the novelty factor.
Ever made anything "non traditional" in the crockpot that turned out surprisingly well?  We actually made yogurt using ours a couple times.  It takes all night, but it makes a ton of  tasty yogurt.

*If it has lettuce, it counts as a salad, right?