Friday, June 10, 2011

Dumb Internet Friday

See that green stuff on the left?  That is watercress.  It's primary qualities are

1. It is a green vegetable so it is probably good for you.
2. It tastes like nothing except the sauce you put on it.
3. It gets stuck in your teeth really bad.

Pretty unremarkable as far as vegetables go, right?  No.  Watercress not only has it's own domain name, you can be friends with it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.  I plan to blame all future conspiracies I come up with on the powerful Watercress Board.

Is this proof that the whole social media thing has gone too far?  Do you feel a little less cool being on Twitter now that a vegetable has joined?  Adding "Delete Facebook page" to your list of weekend activities?  Got any actually fun plans for the weekend?